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Cloud Strife: Crowning Moment Of Awesome
Rollin Gwen
bofoddity wrote in cloud_smiles
Since Cloud has been my favorite character ever since his days as a Lego Block Guy, I guess I could do a little tribute. So here's a mini-picspam about his finest moment. The caps aren't so shiny in quality, but they were taken with love.

The setting: Lifestream. Starring: Cloud, Tifa, Zack and Sephiroth. What's happening: Cloud's mind is coming together, and the final step is to find out what really happened at the reactor.

There, we see Zack attempting to deal with Sephiroth. He fails.

"Then, where were you, Cloud?"

He was there.

And he was pissed!

But he was there. Not as a badass SOLDIER, but there nevertheless.

Barfing in the truck.

Watching over Tifa.

Keeping his promise.

But alas! Sephiroth is still alive.

And instead of going with the safe option (aka running away), Cloud goes after him.

Like most of us would, Sephiroth assumed it was dumb luck and went for the kill.

It didn't work out so well for him.

"But that was dumb luck too, right?"

What do you think of that, Sephiroth?

That's my guy.

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I loved the scene of his revelation too, because that's when he finally accepted all of his flaws, including his timidity and his low self-esteem. It was when he finally broke free of his mental shackles that he had to be someone like Zack had been: courageous, strong, powerful and always confident.

It was a very powerful and moving part of the game, I think. :D

Cloud doesn't really strike me as timid, but total agreement to everything else! He didn't need to be Zack in order to be a hero, and that scene really drove the point in.

But didn't Cloud refused to let his townspeople know he was back because he didn't make it to SOLDIER? He was both afraid of seeing their reactions and ashamed of himself.

To be fair, Cloud is timid at times and courageous at others. He is weak sometimes, but strong but others too. This is exactly what I love about him. Unlike a lot of other game characters whose personalities lean very strongly or completely to one side of the spectrum, Cloud is more 'balanced'. He's very real to me. :DDD

He was, yeah, but I felt that was more about shame than timidity; in my eyes timid means somebody like Tifa, who was reserved about her thoughts and feelings and easily embarrassed. She actually used to make me really uncomfortable for that reason since I'm exactly like her in that sense, but fortunately I matured and got over that.

I agree, though, that Cloud is definitely a very real and balanced character, and it's really unusual for somebody like him to get to be the hero. That's why I loved this moment so much; he defeated all the odds that were against him, and that's extremely inspirational. :D

But in his shame, he was also afraid to accept himself as someone who had failed to make SOLDIER. That, to me, also constitutes timidity. But of course, we're all entitled to our opinions. :)

As for Tifa, I'm not so sure if she was timid simply because as you said, she was "reserved about her thoughts and feelings and easily embarrassed". I agree that she kept a lot of things to herself, but most of those things, she kept because letting them out in the open would mean contradicting Cloud's knowledge of what happened in Nibelhelm. I think she was afraid of how he would react. As for her feelings... haha, she was just shy. XD

Yeah, she was definitely afraid of how he would react, not to mention that he was much more sure of his memories than she was of hers; I bet she spent a lot of time wondering if she was the one with mixed memories. I could easily see early-game Cloud going all "LOL U CRAZY!1!" on her.

However, she was unable to talk to Cloud about her emotions and had a tendency to get overwhelmed and moody, and was generally quiet and sensitive, so I'd say she takes the timidity cake. But like you said, we all have our opinions, and mine tend to be the black sheep. :P

Ha ha, that's entirely possible! XD

Tifa: Maybe I shouldn't say anything. What if they drag me off to the asylum? OH NO!

(Deleted comment)
That's exactly how it was, and that's exactly how I loved it. It was an awesome moment of empowerment for him.

(Deleted comment)
Definitely my favourite scene in the game. :D Thanks so much for capping it for us here!

You're absolutely welcome!

Why is it that this lego block scene is still so much cooler and more powerful than the Last Order and Crisis Core reenactments?

I guess it's just the way Cloud stumbles down the catwalk like he's numb and takes off his helmet like he just had to deal with some stupid but tiresome thing at work. And not, you know, like he just stabbed Sephi-freaking-roth.

And you know, I always thought of Cloud as an introvert. Shy Tifa, introverted Cloud, no wonder they needed to fall in the lifestream! XDD

I could say a lot of things about why, but let's stick to the original always being better.

I think Tifa is a classic introvert while Cloud is actually an unconventional extrovert, but I know it's not a popular view. I had a discussion about this once on IJ, though, with an author who had written a Tifa-story to defend her against the usual "not telling the truth you're unsure about is the most EVIL ACT EVER" accusations. But yeah, with both of their issues they were pretty much meant to end up in the Lifestream together. :D

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