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Welcome to Cloud Smiles: the Cloud Strife fan community! Let's face it, everyone loves Cloud! Well, everyone loves pairing him up with his co-stars. The poor guy doesn't seem to get a lot of love as an individual. ...Thus this community was born!

Join us for some Cloud love, discussion, and even the occasional graphic/fanwork challenge. 'Just be sure to keep things appropriate. This means:

  1. All posts are directly related to Cloud in some way shape or form. Fan work, graphics, and discussion are all OK so long as they have to do with some iteration of Cloud Strife.

  2. When posting, please take advantage of the community tags to keep posts organized!

  3. Understand that the "Adult Content" drop-down-menu is your friend! Please use it, lj-cuts, and subject-line warnings to keep this community friendly to Cloud fans of all ages!

  4. Know that this Cloud community, not a CloudxWhoever community. Not all members will share your sentiments when it comes to your favorite pairing, so please be mindful of the opinions and feelings of others.

In short: stay on topic, use the awesome features LJ has made available to us, and have fun!

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